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Support for GovWifi

Contact us through our support form.

We’re here Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. We’ll reply within one working day.

If you’ve already set up GovWifi, you can follow these steps to try and resolve issues.

If your entire organisation is having problems

GovWifi administrators:

Troubleshooting to support individual users

Issues like slow speeds, dropped connections, or difficulty accessing certain sites, are related to the local network. GovWifi is an authentication service and GovWifi support cannot help with these.

You can check that users have followed the guidance on common issues. You can also use the guidance on how to create an account and connect a device to GovWifi.

If the user signed up by text and cannot access their emails, you can sponsor their mobile number:

  1. Email telling us either the user’s email address (if they signed up by text originally), or their phone number (if they signed up by email originally).
  2. The new sign-up details will be sent to the user to try.

If the user is able to connect with the new sign-up details you can remind the user that those details will work on all their devices.

Forget and reconnect the GovWifi service

If new sign-up details do not fix the problem you can ask the user to forget and reconnect:

  1. Tell the user to forget the GovWifi network and then reconnect to it.
  2. The user must then enter their password and may have to enter other details depending on their device.

Try on a different device

If the user is still having problems:

  1. Ask the user to try their new sign-up details on a different device.

If the user can connect with their personal device and not with their work device, the cause is usually a managed device issue. You should check with the team that issued the device.