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Manage GovWifi

This guidance explains how to manage GovWifi for your organisation once you’ve installed it.

Withdraw legacy services

After you’ve successfully deployed GovWifi, you can remove less secure guest wifi services.

View and update your site configuration

You can view and update your configuration in GovWifi admin.

Manage acceptable use

You’re responsible for setting your own acceptable use policy and managing filtering and firewall controls.

There are a couple of things you can do if you have concerns about a user on your network - for example, if they’re breaching your acceptable use policy or have malware on their device.

Request a user’s contact details

You can ask us for the contact details of users if you need to get in touch with them. We’ll have either their email address or phone number, depending how they signed up to GovWifi.

For us to provide this information:

  • the request must come from a person who is a team member on the organisation’s GovWifi admin account, and we may get in touch to check that the request definitely came from that person
  • your organisation must have signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) (sign in required) which sets out the terms that we can share personal data under

Block users

If necessary, you can stop someone using your network by blocking their device’s MAC address.

Bear in mind that this does not stop that user from connecting to your network on a different device.

In serious cases, we can block someone from using GovWifi in any building. Contact us if you think this is necessary.

Monitor and log traffic

You’re responsible for traffic monitoring and logging.

You can view logs for specific users (sign in required). This can help you troubleshoot problems and help you investigate malicious use.

Stop using GovWifi

If your organisation wants to stop using GovWifi, contact us.