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Table of contents

Managing GovWifi

This guidance explains how admins can manage GovWifi for their organisation.

Withdraw legacy services

After you’ve successfully deployed GovWifi, consider removing less secure guest wifi services.

View and update your site configuration

You can view and update your GovWifi configuration in the GovWifi admin platform

Managing acceptable usage

You are responsible for setting your own acceptable use policy and configuring content filtering and firewall controls.

Removing users from GovWifi

If you find someone breaching your acceptable use policy, you can remove their access from your local network.

We will remove users for breaching GovWifi’s terms of service. This includes, but is not limited to, illegal activity and breaching the Civil Service Code.

Reporting abuse

If you believe a user is breaching the GovWifi terms of service, please contact us.

Logging traffic

You’re responsible for traffic monitoring and logging. You must make sure traffic logging and monitoring complies with your organisation’s internal legal and operational guidance.

In the event of a serious incident, you can request logs for specific users and, if necessary, deny service to them by blocking their hardware address on your infrastructure. Contact us for help.

Stop using GovWifi

If your organisation wants to stop using GovWifi entirely, please contact us.