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Certificate rotation

Every year, we rotate the GovWifi server certificate. Occasionally, we’ll also need to replace the intermediate or root certificates. This is an industry standard procedure that keeps the authentication process secure.

We’ll give you at least one month’s notice about certificate rotations. The next one is scheduled for 31 May 2023.

The GovWifi team carries out the certificate rotation on the RADIUS servers, but your organisation may need to do some work to make sure your users can connect to GovWifi after the rotation.

You do not need to do anything to your access points, wifi controllers or any other part of your wifi hardware.

Update the profile on managed devices

This section applies to you if your organisation does both of the following:

  • deploys the GovWifi 802.1x profile
  • tells user devices to check the ‘server’ certificate (currently or intermediate certificate (currently GeoTrust TLS DV RSA Mixed SHA256 2020 CA-1)

If you need to update the profile with the new certificate details you must push the updated profile out to your managed devices. How you manage this will depend on how you deploy your GovWifi 802.1x profile to your managed devices.

Download the 2022 certificate:

The root certificate and intermediate certificate will not change in 2022. This means you do not need to update your 802.1x profile if it only checks the root certificate.

Help users accept the new certificate

We’ve published guidance for users on what to do and we’ll tell them about the update in advance. However, they may still need help from your IT support team.

What they need to do may vary

Users’ devices might automatically check the new certificate and accept it. In this case, they will not need to do anything.

Or, they may be asked to accept the new certificate.

If they’re asked to accept the new certificate

They should:

  1. View the certificate.
  2. Check that the domain is
  3. Check the issuer is GeoTrust TLS DV RSA Mixed SHA256 2020 CA-1
  4. Check that the fingerprint or thumbprint is 2A A4 70 43 4F 33 81 5C F7 C4 F7 85 60 46 52 27 F1 AD C9 6A
  5. Accept or trust the new certificate.

Depending on their device, they may not be able to see all the information referred to here.

For example, this is what it looks like on a Mac:

Screenshot of certificate verification on Mac OS

Possible problems

Users on managed devices may not have permission to accept the new certificate. The organisation that gave them the device needs to accept it for them.

Depending how a user’s organisation deploys the profile, user’s may need to connect to the internet in a different way to pick up the updated profile.

If the user has accepted the certificate but still cannot connect, follow your usual troubleshooting process. You can also advise them to:

Get support

Sign up to GovWifi Status Page to get our incident alerts. You can check this page for any outstanding issues that may impact your planned activities.